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Williams & Sewell HR Consulting based in San Diego provides high quality, contract recruiters, contract human resources consultants and HR consulting services. Our clients are in industries such as wireless, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, software, energy, healthcare, defense, finance and more.

Contract Recruiters | HR Consultants | Outplacement Program

1) Contract recruiters and contract sourcers, both on-site and off-site, who develop and implement effective recruiting strategies to meet staffing demands in a timely and cost effective manner. Our contract recruiters often adjust hours per week according to our clients’ needs. Small companies often prefer our contract recruiters on an interim basis rather than hiring a recruiter full time.

2) Contract HR Consultants who specialize as human resources generalists with small to mid-size employers, developing and implementing HR programs (including compensation and benefits programs), policies, procedures, HR systems and HR audits tailored to meet the clients' needs. HR outsourcing is the right solution for many employers.

3) Outplacement Program customized for employees and businesses experiencing downsizing or restructuring. Our highly interactive workshops teach the basics of self assessment, interviewing skills, writing resumes and cover letters. A great value is our live demonstration of the effective use of Internet tools for jobseekers to market themselves, be found by recruiters, to network, and find key contacts and prospective employers.

Williams & Sewell’s strong network of staffing and HR consultants, business alliances, industry knowledge and competitive pricing enables our clients’ access to highly effective human resources consultants and contract recruiting services, without the obligations of employing full time personnel. Our contract recruiters and HR consultants are experienced, proven individuals with strong work ethics, high integrity and team-player mentality. Our outplacement instructors have years of corporate recruiting experience.

Strategic Staffing
General HR Services
General HR Services
As an HR executive at two Fortune 500 companies, I made it a point to partner with outside resources that I completely trust to help achieve business objectives.  Bill Sewell and Bob Williams are staffing professionals with whom I have worked regularly since 1997.  To ensure a competitive edge, I restructured the staffing model at two large corporations hiring 1000+ employees per year.  Key to the change were centralizing talent acquisition, adding a sourcing team to fill the pipeline for the most difficult to fill jobs and upgrading the quality of the full cycle recruiters.  Williams and Sewell HR Consulting quickly provided the entire sourcing team with highly effective contract recruiters followed later by experienced full cycle recruiters to enhance our team efforts as hiring accelerated.  They were an important contributor to the improvement of overall staffing metrics.  The executive team’s opinion of Staffing dramatically improved in a short period of time.  Bob and Bill both have experience leading large scale high tech staffing teams.  This experience has been critical to their ability to understand the issues, collaborate on strategies, manage key relationships and hire the best recruiters to meet the needs.  They have supported me in multiple industries: defense electronics, information technology, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals and medical devices.  They have been a trusted, valuable resource for many years. It has been a pleasure working with them.

Dianne Dyer-Bruggeman
Human Resources Executive (SVP, EVP)
Formerly with Allergan, Broadcom and Titan (L-3)
Motorola asked Williams & Sewell HR Consulting to provide a staffing consultant to spearhead our recruitment efforts at a new facility in Texas. Their contract recruiter helped to set up the staffing effort, including systems and processes. He developed an effective, positive and professional relationship with the Motorola HR staffs in Dallas/Ft. Worth and Chicago, as well as the existing and incoming management. He filled an extremely high volume of exempt and non-exempt openings in a short period, meeting all timelines while learning & utilizing a complicated internal tracking system and candidate testing process. The move to Texas and the staffing operation was a complete success, due in part to the excellent contract recruiting service provided by of Williams & Sewell HR Consulting.

Andy Newman
former Senior Manager, Staffing Resources
Motorola Inc.
Libertyville, IL
Williams & Sewell HR Consulting has been a key business partner to the Broadcom Staffing team since 2004. We depend on them to provide us with contract sourcing recruiters and full cycle contract recruiters to support technical and non-technical recruiting worldwide. Their recruiters have done a great job on very challenging assignments supporting the high volume hiring needs for engineering, management, sales, marketing, information technology and G&A. Over the years, contract recruiters from Williams & Sewell have greatly contributed to reducing cost per hire and time to hire, while providing high quality candidates. We intend to continue our relationship with Williams & Sewell HR Consulting for similar or expanded HR services. 

Chris Casler
Sr. Director of Human Resources
Broadcom Corporation
Irvine, CA
In 2008 Solute experienced significant growth and needed to advance our Human Resources function to establish effective and consistent programs for compensation, performance management, compliance and recruiting. We engaged Williams & Sewell HR Consulting to assist in developing and implementing these programs and processes. They supplied a highly professional Human Resources Consultant who not only met our needs successfully but also trained one of our own staff members to take over that role. As our growth continued, Williams & Sewell HR Consulting provided an excellent contract recruiter who was able to flex his hours each week to meet our hiring needs. Our experience with Williams & Sewell HR Consulting has been decidedly positive over the course of several years. We consider them a valuable resource and a professional business partner.

John Lyons
Solute, Inc.
San Diego, CA
Jennic (recently acquired by NXP Semiconductors UK Ltd) is an international fabless semiconductor company based in the United Kingdom. We hired Williams & Sewell HR Consulting as an outsourced service for general human resources services and recruiting for the US market. Over the course of 5 years they provided an HR Consultant to set up and manage the human resources function, develop & implement programs, handbook, policies, payroll and benefits for the new US entity. Having a highly competent HR Consultant available to us on an as needed basis is a great value to our firm.

Susan Gulliver
Human Resources Manager
NXP Semiconductors UK Ltd.
Twice we chose Williams & Sewell HR Consulting for HR related services. First, they provided a contract recruiter to manage technical recruiting for our fast growing engineering team, and later on, we asked them to provide outplacement counseling to a small group of employees affected by a reduction in staff. I was very pleased with both the engineering recruiting and outplacement services provided. With their deep understanding of the employment market, recruiting and candidate evaluation, they are uniquely qualified to present outplacement assistance programs. Our departing employees were very pleased and appreciative of the coaching provided for their job search.


Anna Kochka
former Director, Human Resources
Sequoia Communications
San Diego, CA


Current client at TrellisWare Technologies
San Diego, CA